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Adoption fees are essential contributions that help support the animals in our care. When you adopt from us, you’re not only providing a loving home to a pet in need but also helping to combat the pet overpopulation problem, unlike purchasing from breeders or pet stores which often contribute to this issue.

The adoption fee covers the animal's medical care while they await their forever home, including vaccines and transportation expenses. These fees are crucial in supporting the other animals in our rescue who may have higher medical expenses. Additionally, the fee helps sustain our organization's ongoing rescue and rehoming efforts.

Adopting a pet can also save you money. Rescue groups and shelters typically handle initial veterinary care to ensure the pet is ready for their new home. Adoption fees often include:

  • Veterinary wellness visit and exam: $50-100

  • Spaying or neutering: $150-400

  • Distemper vaccination: $20-30 (per dose)

  • Rabies vaccination: $15-25

  • Heartworm test (for dogs): $15-35

  • Feline Leukemia/FIV test (for cats): $30-50

  • Flea/tick treatment: $50-200

  • Microchip: $25-80

  • Deworming: $20-50

  • Collar and identification tag: $5-10


    TOTAL: $425-880 (Far more than most adoption fees)

Some of our rescued animals require additional, often unexpected, medical care, such as:

  • Emergency vet visit: $120-150

  • Heartworm treatment: $300-850

  • FHO surgery: $1000

  • Upper respiratory infection treatment: $200

  • ICU stay: $1400 per night

  • Parvo/distemper treatment: $3000 minimum


While adopting a "free" pet might seem cheaper, they usually come without any medical care, leading to higher costs down the line. Pets from breeders often lack necessary vaccinations and are not spayed or neutered, adding to your expenses.

By adopting from Foster2Forever, you're ensuring your new pet has received essential care and are supporting the rescue of more animals in need.

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